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Pain and stiffness in the joint results in movement impairment.

Manual therapy and clinical exercise therapy is recommended to prevent tissue adaptations, which could contribute to long term altered joint biomechanics.

Prior to commencing a rehabilitation program, all patients are assessed to:
Make a clinical diagnosis of their specific movement faults.
Identify and establish rehabilitation priorities.

Be extremely specific in exercise prescription in order to deliver a patient specific retraining and management plan.

Determine if the medical expertise of other health care practitioners are needed, as part of the rehabilitation and management plan.

A comprehensive rehabilitation program includes:

Manual therapy to control pain and inflammation.
Manual therapy to restore normal joint range of motion and flexibility.
Developing muscular co-contraction around the joint to improve joint stability.
Re-establishing neuromuscular control.
Regaining functional movement of the joint.
Integration of functional movement in the rest of the kinetic chain.
Sports specific skills introduction.